Our events throughout the year help families of
multiples socialise in a fun and supportive setting

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Club Activities
WMBA organises and hosts a range of events for families with multiples.  Some provide opportunities for parents and children (multiples and their siblings) to meet during the weekday to talk and play with other families with the challenges of multiples.  Others provide opportunities for families to dine out or go with others on family excursions.  Others provide opportunities for members to gain support and input to help with the challenges of having and parenting multiples.  The range of activities is dependent on what the members want.  Refer to our Facebook page to be kept up-to-date with club activities or email us with any queries (see the "Contact Us" page).

Venues are in many locations in or near the Monash City Council area, with regular events being held at Cabena Crescent in Chadstone.

New Parents Gatherings
Designed for all parents with multiples under 12 months of age, this gathering is with other parents undergoing the same challenges as you, with your two or more children. This is a great way to get your children socialising with others from a very early age. Refer to our club newsletter (Duette) for current dates, times and locations.

Coffee Mornings
Designed for all members with pre-school children.  Parents get a chance to have a coffee, compare notes and get ideas from other parents on stages they are currently facing. There is a large indoor and outdoor play area with plenty of toys, dress ups, musical instruments, books and craft activities. We also have a monthly music and movement class where the kids can sing and dance along while in the comfort of our playgroup. This is all covered from our annual membership!

Multiples In Schools Night
Don’t miss this night if your multiples or even single children are aged 2 and over.  This night is a forum of parents and teachers of multiples and is about preparing your children for school.  It is surprising what you can learn to help you make decisions about when to start kindergarten and how to make your children ready for school.  “A once a year event!!!!”

Christmas Party
This is our premier event of the year with both a star entertainer and Santa in attendance giving out presents to all the kids. Bring the whole family for this inexpensive day of feasting and entertainment and a chance to get in to the festive spirit.

A typical month would see the following events:

New Parents Morning = for multiples up to 1 year, held during the day
Coffee Morning= usually once a week for all multiples families, held during the day
Committee Meeting = a social gathering with a purpose of running the club
Family Event = a family event – dinner, picnic, excursion or information session held in the evening or weekends