Our events throughout the year help families of
multiples socialise in a fun and supportive setting

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How It Works

If any of you have been considering getting out of the house with your children to come for a cuppa, a play and some kind ears who understand where you are coming from, who can relate to the challenges and the joys of parenting multiples …please feel free to drop by.  There is always someone with spare hands to make you a HOT cuppa, hold or feed a baby, read some books to your toddlers, or just applaud you for getting dressed, getting the kids out the door, into the car, and arriving more or less on one piece.  We all know on some days it’s easier than others!  Sharing with ‘people who know’ can make all the difference.

So - how our coffee mornings work: It starts at 9.30am till 11.30am every Tuesday.

The children will sit down with their BYO lunch or snack (nut free) after a run and play; high chairs and plenty of small tables and chairs are provided. There are change tables and small people toilets and sinks for do it yourself toddlers.

During the month we cover the following:

Birthday month celebrations – For all children celebrating a birthday during the month, we sing and share cake

New Parents are welcome at any time to talk about sleep, feeding, settling and baby-specific issues. A helping pair of hands is always available

A session of music and dancing once per month (usually fourth Tuesday of the month)

Please come along anytime between 9.30am and 11.30am. Stay for 15 minutes or the whole 2 hours – we’d love to see you there.