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Monash Gallery of Art- a fun outing for parents and children of all ages.

As twin parents we get used to turning down invitations to adult-type activities with children…..
Mums and bubs movies- fine if you have a 2nd adult or find the few movie theatres that fit a double pram. Swimming lessons- hmm wait until they are 3 and in the pool without you.
Mum and bub yoga- ha!!
Coffee at the park with other parents- yep if it’s gated and about 10m square…….

So I’m pleased to share my 2 experiences of MGA with children (4 year old and 15 month old twins).

The beauty of the MGA is it’s small, free (gold coin donation suggested) and in the same complex as a fabulous cafe and sculpture park and duck pond and Wheelers Hill library.  So everyone is sick of art…..fine take a break and feed the ducks….or have some cafe snacks and a quality latte and $1 babycino….or read

a book in the children’s section of the library.

The MGA focuses on modern photography art, and the exhibitions change regularly.

Visit number one included some year 12 art based around old family photos.  The other collection used the geometry and patterns of everyday objects to make modern abstract photos eg white painted arrows on roads. This inspired me to try some art-type photos of my own!!  This visit was split into two halves as the twins started yelling half way through our first viewing of the gallery.   We retired to the cafe- good double pram access and outside area if nice weather and children are extra-loud.  One ice coffee and shortbread later for me, and packet of raisins for them, and we managed to see the rest of the collection.

Visit number 2 was with big brother and twins. Straight to the cafe for lunch, only downside was only one high chair so the little boys were fed in the pram. Our 4 year old was well-occupied with the table’s tin of

coloured pencils and paper while I polished off my delicious toasted focaccia. I was tempted by the pizza and wine deal, but didn’t think I’d get a chance to savour it- skulling your glass on your way out the door as children are screaming is not a good look!

Art was very eclectic this visit, portraits, landscapes were beautiful. But some were more adult….I had a

challenge explaining and trying to distract the children from the picture of a naked woman in a cage being stabbed with a spear…..hmm maybe should have checked with staff about any M+ themed images prior to entering the exhibition!!!!

Anyway it was a beautiful sunny day so Mr 4 year old chose to walk around the small lake, feeding the ducks and checking out the sculptures along the way. It was a fun exercise in imagination trying to interpret the sculptures and images!  Lastly we stopped by the library and chose some more books and DVDs for a rainy day.

So 2 successful visits for our family!

Overall our visits rated 4/5, depending on your tastes in art and the current exhibition.

Cafe: food variety and quality 4/5, coffee 4/5, pram access 4/5, noise friendly 4/5, breast feeding

friendly 3/5 (no arm chairs but corner to hide in if wish to, good for older children to occupy themselves)

Gallery: cost 5/5, art enjoyment = variable 3-5/5, disabled toilet 5/5 (huge could easily fit a triple pram!, clean, change table, nappy bin)

Sculpture park 4/5 (open water with lake and quiet road and car park nearby- need to watch if little ones let loose from the pram)

Library 4/5 – nice mat in children’s section, beautiful view (not that twin parents ever get a second to sit down a relax!)

Hope to run into you at the MGA sometime soon!

Gallery 2

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