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Travelling with Multiples

Travelling is so exciting! It gives you a chance to unwind from the norm and experience new adventures. But when you add twins or triplets to the equation, it can become daunting and overwhelming. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Before twins, we would escape overseas every year, exploring a new place each time. We certainly had the travel bug! The twins came along and shook things up a bit, but we still managed to bit the bullet and succumb to our fears and have travelled with them at early ages.

We ventured overseas when the twins were one and then took a break to Northern QLD when they were almost two. Now we contemplate where to go as they are nearing 3 years old! Needless to say, we experimented on local weekends away before we tackled the plane!

We encountered many challenges, from being told our flight was overbooked so needing to
take a connecting flight, to arriving at the airport with our luggage lost along the way. Add to this, trying to entertain/control two very active children on long-haul flights - we wondered what we actually got ourselves into... but nothing compares to the memories made during our time away. The twins’ expressions of wonderment and exploration at each trip made all the challenges worth it.

My Top 5 tips for anyone contemplating traveling with young twins include:

  1. Pack lots of interesting things for the flight - I wrapped up small inexpensive gifts which I pulled out at times of restlessness to bring some excitement. I also had a zip lock bag for each twin that contained crafty bits - they love to play with pom poms, paper, pipe cleaners, foamy bits etc. I also packed sticker books which were a winner because they loved popping the stickers on their faces and clothes and all over mummy and daddy. We looked silly, but the twins found it hilarious.
  2. Pack lots of nutritious, but mess-free snacks as we found the grazing throughout the flight helped when they got bored - we packed sultanas, rice crackers, homemade banana bread, apples, cucumber and capsicum sticks.
  3. Pack nappies and wipes in individual zip lock bags, so that if there is a need to rush for a nappy change, just grab one bag and one twin to the bathroom and pop it all back in the zip lock bag and straight into the bin it goes.
  4. Call in advance to ask about proper cot hire rather than use of porta-cots. We found the cots were a godsend and the twins had no problem adapting to their foreign beds. We made sure to bring their creature comforts to replicate their nighttime routine (sleeping bags, bed toy, and bedtime music playlist).
  5. No matter how nervous you are or how tough it all seems, it's a truly worthwhile experience making family memories, so don't allow apprehension win over!

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