Our events throughout the year help families of
multiples socialise in a fun and supportive setting

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“I have been a member of WMBA for 3 years and highly recommend this club to anyone with multiples or expecting multiples. It is such a fun group of mums and dads who have experienced the challenges and joy at having two or more babies so they can relate and provide worthwhile advice and support”

“Joining WMBA has been such a rewarding group to be a part of. My 2-year-old twins especially love the coffee mornings each week where so many different activities take place, such as arts and craft, Mini Maestros, birthday celebrations and playing indoor/outdoors with all the other twins/triplets”

“I was so overwhelmed when I learnt I was having twins, but with the support of WMBA I learnt that I had a support network long before the twins were even born! I was invited to an antenatal night where I could ask questions to parents of multiples, which helped me prepare for what was to come. Once the twins were born, I found the club to be a bountiful of help as I met other new parents as well as those with older twins who passed on so much wisdom and support”

"I was looking for a routine for my twin boys around 7 months, so I called the new parent support contact and she was great.  She told me about a routine she used to use with her twins and now uses with her singleton.  I started to put it into action and it's helped me feel a little more in control of some basics"